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The bi-frequency bio impedance meter BioSmart is designed to be a versatile tool, suitable to the broader needs: from the use outpatient use at home thanks to the small size. Very fast use (cortex microprocessor)

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BioSmart can operate in stand alone mode because guided by cloud software (available for MACOS or Windows) with Bluetooth connectivity. You can run tests and keep data on the application. Through practice graphical representation of the results data will be easy to interpret and recall during the follow-up.


The following parameters are measured directly on body:

Impedance 50Khz - 100 Khz
Resistance 50Khz - 100 Khz
Reactance 50Khz - 100 Khz
Phase Angle 50Khz - 100 Khz


Total body water (TBW)
Intracellular water (ICW)
Extracellular water (ECW)
Fat mass (FM)
Free fat mass (FFM)
Muscle Mass (MM)
Basal metabolic rate (BMR)
Cell Mass (BCM)
Cell Mass Index (BCMI)
Visceral fat (VFA)
Na/K Exchange 
Through the  graphical representation of phase angle, it is possible to better assess the state of hydration / patient nutrition


The complete calibration system ensures the compensation on errors introduced by the external probe cable. It can be done at any time quickly and easily through special front connectors.

Four calibration points and the probe cable control ensure BioSmart's users to verify the accuracy of the measurements each time. Only 4 seconds needed to complete the calibration command!

Print the personalized report with the operator's name, with an indication of the normal values ​​and anthropometric such as weight, circumferences, skinfold and others. Pdf report can be sent via email.

BioSmart is developed with an innovative remote microprocessor firmware update system that allows our technicians to support for any upgrades and / or assistances


The instrument will be shipped within 2 days from the purchase. The cloud software does not require installation by our operators. Nevertheless, one of our operators will be at your disposal by telephone. The login credentials will be generated and provided.

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